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Inpatient Rehab

Our rehabilitation units are limited in size so that they can remain intimate enabling individuals to continue their healing recovery processes in a calm and secure environment. We understand that addiction is a complex treatable disease that has significant impact on the brain and day-to-day functioning. Rehabilitation is an important part of the spectrum of recovery and no one plan or treatment works for every individual. Every individual who is here for treatment has a different life narrative, a personal story filled with the complexities of life. We recognize and respect that every individual is unique and multi-dimensional, therefore every treatment plan is personalized. We realize that patients who are coming directly from a detoxification service may still feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Our dedicated medical and nursing staff monitors each patient for their physical and emotional needs. Patients receive individual and group therapy, which encompasses the use of evidence-based practices. A variety of services are offered at ACI Inpatient Rehabilitation to assist patients in achieving recovery.

Rehabilitation Services offered

  • Medication Management
  • Gender Specific Groups
  • Psycho-Educational Seminars and Groups
  • Spirituality and Meditation Practices
  • Drama and Art Therapy Groups
  • Family Therapy
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Case Management Services
  • Nutritional Groups and Assessments
  • Onsite Entertainment and Sober Socialization
  • Onsite NA Groups
  • Discharge Planning
  • Weekly Trips to Landmark Locations in Mid-Town Manhattan
  • Sports and Recreation

Addiction Medicine

"I used to be a successful teacher. I was proud of myself and my achievements. I started using drugs and hit rock bottom. Then a friend took me to ACI. I went to detox and rehab. I am currently enrolled in the outpatient program and am doing great. I love where I am living and I love the staff at ACI. I am so grateful for the fellowship I have with my peers. I look forward to going to groups, seeing my counselors and the friends that I made. My favorite thing is “Jump Start Café” on Friday morning. I am learning how to have fun without using. I finally feel lucky to be alive.”

-John, 58