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Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

ACI professional staff will help determine the optimal treatment path for you or your loved one.

Outpatient treatment is best suited for patients who:

  • Need the flexibility to continue working and spending time with their loved ones
  • Want to facilitate family healing through intensive family work
  • Have an independent spirit
  • Are in the early stages of addiction

Inpatient treatment services are recommended for patients who:

  • Require medically supervised detox services
  • Need 24-hour support from medical staff and counselors
  • Call for medical and psychiatric management
  • Are looking for decreased distractions from daily life to focus on recovery
  • Wish to attend AA or NA meetings daily
  • Want to be far from the temptation of drugs and alcohol
  • Have a history of chronic relapse


"I used to be a successful teacher. I was proud of myself and my achievements. I started using drugs and hit rock bottom. Then a friend took me to ACI. I went to detox and rehab. I am currently enrolled in the outpatient program and am doing great. I love where I am living and I love the staff at ACI. I am so grateful for the fellowship I have with my peers. I look forward to going to groups, seeing my counselors and the friends that I made. My favorite thing is “Jump Start Café” on Friday morning. I am learning how to have fun without using. I finally feel lucky to be alive.”

-John, 58