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Inpatient Detox

The first step on the road to recovery begins with our medically supervised inpatient detoxification service. ACI's mission is to ensure a safe and pain-free experience from alcohol and/or drug withdrawal. When individuals arrive to embark on the road to recovery they are medically and psychiatrically assessed. In addition, patients are given a comprehensive orientation to the program. Individuals who are nicotine dependant are offered Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Each patient is closely monitored by our experienced and dedicated addiction specialists for medical and emotional complications. Individuals continue to receive this level of service until all the withdrawal symptoms have thoroughly abated. The average length of stay is between three-five days.

Individuals who are withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can feel physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Therefore they are given the space and time to heal. All individuals are stabilized and meet with their primary counselor to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan. The main focus of this plan is establishing the patient’s next level of care. This aspect of treatment is of paramount importance as it is well known that when individuals do not go on to a higher level of care they are more likely to relapse. Our empathetic and knowledgeable staff utilize evidence based strategies and thoroughly explore patient’s personal history as well as achievements. ACI believes that self-efficacy increases when individuals have the opportunity and platform to acknowledge their achievements, and affirmative personal qualities. Individuals are seen daily and families are invited to attend treatment in person, telephonically, through video chat, or during arranged visitation.

Individuals are encouraged to attend as many groups as they can in order to learn coping skills to avoid their relapse triggers, to socialize with peers in a sober environment, and to explore their personal experiences and expectations. 

Services Offered

  • Medication Management provides patients with safe detoxification from their substance of choice.
  • Individual Therapy provides individualized treatment care.
  • Family Therapy assists patients in developing supports for their recovery process.
  • Drama Therapy is an expressive therapy that uses drama techniques, “role plays” “scene work”, and “psychodrama” to achieve therapeutic goals.
  • Health Group is a psycho-educational group that addresses the importance of obtaining a PCP, the importance of obtaining dental care, nutrition image, exploration of body image, and education regarding sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV prevention.
  • Sober Recreation are activities available throughout the day, dominoes, movies, arts and crafts, and cards that offer the opportunity for individuals to participate in enjoyable relaxing activities with their peers without using drugs or alcohol.
  • Art Therapy Group is a creative arts therapy that provides patients an opportunity to draw, paint and develop art through various medians to express their emotional state.
  • Spirituality Group provides patients an opportunity to connect with their higher power to promote encouragement in sobriety.

The next step for our patients is the rehabilitation process.

Inpatient Rehab

“I have been drinking and using drugs since I was a teenager and had no negative consequences until recently when my boss sent me to my Employee Assistance Program due to chronic lateness and absences due to my drug and alcohol use. Thank g-d that they sent me to ACI. When I got there I was really scared. I had never been to detox or rehab. The staff was so caring. When I was on the detox unit I did not feel well and the nursing staff did everything they could to make me comfortable. When I moved on to rehab I loved the counselors. The groups were great and they really understood how guilty and ashamed I felt about my life. I learned that guilt and judgment are not helpful. I learned how to think positively and how to see all that I have to live for. I owe ACI my life. Thank you all!"

-Mike, 27