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Addiction Medicine

Our medical staff provide ongoing Addiction Medicine Treatment to patients who need medication assisted support to be successful in recovery.

We work with physicians specializing in addiction medicine to help treat symptoms of withdrawal. Addiction medications are prescribed to help reduce cravings and desires to use alcohol and other drugs. 

Our team initially sets-up a physician assessment for an individual experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Once approved by a Board Certified Addiction Specialist, treatment can begin using a specialized withdrawal protocol designed to provide one with comfort in the withdrawal stages and prevent cravings. 

For example: A patient who is alcohol dependent and having difficulty succeeding in outpatient treatment because of cravings or a strong desire to use alcohol can be assessed by ACI physicians; they then prescribe Campril which is a non-addictive medication that reduces cravings. This medication can help the patient to maintain abstinence while they participate in counseling services and learn how to live a lifestyle without alcohol. 

Addiction medicine services are utilized by our patients who need medication assisted treatment for extra support while they recover.

Specialty Tracks

“I have been drinking and using drugs since I was a teenager and had no negative consequences until recently when my boss sent me to my Employee Assistance Program due to chronic lateness and absences due to my drug and alcohol use. Thank g-d that they sent me to ACI. When I got there I was really scared. I had never been to detox or rehab. The staff was so caring. When I was on the detox unit I did not feel well and the nursing staff did everything they could to make me comfortable. When I moved on to rehab I loved the counselors. The groups were great and they really understood how guilty and ashamed I felt about my life. I learned that guilt and judgment are not helpful. I learned how to think positively and how to see all that I have to live for. I owe ACI my life. Thank you all!"

-Mike, 27