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Families of Young Adults

ACI recognizes that the families of young adults have special needs and concerns. Families may have been going through significant problems related to their child’s addiction and have feared for their child’s physical and emotional health. The functioning of the family may have changed as a result of the addiction as addiction is a family disease. Family routines are disrupted, family rituals cease and problem-solving revolves only around the addict.

It is for this reason that all families of young adults are offered family therapy sessions with a highly trained family therapist. These sessions focus on educating the family about the disease of addiction and what to expect on the road to recovery. Recent biologic and genetic information is provided as well as psycho-education about communication skills, boundary setting, and co-dependency.

Recommended Reading for Families

  • Co-dependent No More, Melody Beattie
  • The Dance of Anger, Harriet Lerner
  • Paths to Recovery-AL-ANON's Steps, Traditions, and ConceptsAL-ANON Family Group

Families of Adults

"I used to be a successful teacher. I was proud of myself and my achievements. I started using drugs and hit rock bottom. Then a friend took me to ACI. I went to detox and rehab. I am currently enrolled in the outpatient program and am doing great. I love where I am living and I love the staff at ACI. I am so grateful for the fellowship I have with my peers. I look forward to going to groups, seeing my counselors and the friends that I made. My favorite thing is “Jump Start Café” on Friday morning. I am learning how to have fun without using. I finally feel lucky to be alive.”

-John, 58