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Families of Military

Our Outpatient Program at ACI is proud to serve veterans who so valiantly defended our country. We provide an array of services that address the special needs of our heroes. We know that family involvement in their life is critical, so we offer family therapy sessions to provide our veterans with emotional support, education, and hope. 

Families of Young Adults

“I have been drinking and using drugs since I was a teenager and had no negative consequences until recently when my boss sent me to my Employee Assistance Program due to chronic lateness and absences due to my drug and alcohol use. Thank g-d that they sent me to ACI. When I got there I was really scared. I had never been to detox or rehab. The staff was so caring. When I was on the detox unit I did not feel well and the nursing staff did everything they could to make me comfortable. When I moved on to rehab I loved the counselors. The groups were great and they really understood how guilty and ashamed I felt about my life. I learned that guilt and judgment are not helpful. I learned how to think positively and how to see all that I have to live for. I owe ACI my life. Thank you all!"

-Mike, 27